Aug 10, 2009

Hot Off the PRESS!!!!!!!!

Have you ever imagined a copy of your favorite SL publication in your hands? Your real, flesh and blood hands? Guess what boys and girls... Now you can! Today, Toko and I both received our copies of Issue #24, and is a stunning replica of the online and in world magazine!

Here are a few pics I took of the magazine to give you an idea of the quality.. Really, Toko and I were both very impressed with the publishing.

As you can see.. the glossy pages look amazing!!! To celebrate our 2 years in publication, Vain Inc will offer this option to our readers every month.


Chandra said...

seeing this on Kimberley's flickr today made me speachless - truely!

congrats to you guys, you're doing an excellent job with the magazine and wow i'm still all impressed that out of all issues it's the one with the ShowGirl on the cover.... *sways and yays*

Good luck in the future with all the magazine projects!

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