Sep 15, 2009

Coming soon to [lessthanthree]♥, making their debut at the upcoming Skin/Shape Fair on Sept. 26th, and marking my come back to creating again in SL.

Based on Phoebe Cates (if you dun know her, shame on you...look her up), with lots of 80s-meets-today makeups!

During first run, they will only be available in one tone with one brow/hair base color, as I wanted it to really be about Phoebe, and she isn't a blonde and she doesn't have freckles, and she isn't really tan. I may offer more options later if I get the urge, but until then enjoy her as she was meant to be! ♥

PS - Make sure to join the lessthan3 group inworld to catch some early gift versions of Phoebe. :D


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