Sep 13, 2009

Fall trends 09: you'll still be wearing leggings!

You can wear them anyway, any length and with anything. Wear them with a blazer and platform shoes. A jersey and ankle boots. Wear them with a knit dress or miniskirt.
We know leggings are a must have item but RL designers have turned it up a notch for the fall. Denim, metallic and even sequence leggings are the new hot trend. I picked up these hot sparkly leopard print leggings from Aoharu, which btw comes in 6 different colors. I've been strutting around in them for days and feel soooo boho-rock chic in this outfit.

Look out Sienna Miller, Addison's in town ;-)

Leggings: Aoharu
Baggy tank: GC (free)
Scarf: VG (free)
Stilettos: ETD
Bangles: CS Fandango (free)
A little note before I sign off; this is my first post and I'm really excited to be apart of the Vain Inc team, so just wanna thank Toko for welcoming me and validifying that I'm a fashionista!!


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