Sep 2, 2009

Tall Boots...Tiny Bra

Most of what will go on this post will be my tiny brains notion of what is sexy or elegant when you mix and match SL clothing from Inventory. I'm not going to prostitute myself for free accessories, clothes, and skins to get some "advertorial content" going for this blog. Oh no - I'm going to be dumb about it! Content is coming straight from my SL Inventory.

20 Drawstring Overknees tall leather boots by Armin Wiefel at Drawmachine. Armin might consider a few more colors and textures for the boots - very few choices still.
Mis Bitter Sweet Shrug by Janie Marlowe at Mischief . Try looking in her store basement for this outfit part or on the web link she advertises in her store for old lines.

Tiny Bra by Hen3ry Mensing at Dolly Boutique (now closed - try and IM him - you might get one). Tiny bra became a totem item for Toko Voom and I - waaay back. We may auction our spare ones on eBay as they are totally rare now - but then again we might not auction them as Hen3ry is not selling any new ones. I know they are primitive designs - but - a lot more like pre-La Perla Black Label Diamond collection than the mountains of rubbish undies on sale in SL - well I've yet to meet an original.
Panties are by Jezzy McCallen at  Angel Dessous. In fact this "Scarlet" black set is really gorgeous (and in powder blue also) but it's a too fussy (aka - lace bra) set for this particular "shoot and post" - buy them - and you'll get my drift (and everyone's attention :-)
Curvy Black Girdle set, including the Seamed Stockings, from Isle Girdles collection by Martini Joliat at Reasonable Desires. They sure know how to churn the dessous out here - some hit - some miss - but who cares?

Loose Chignon and Tears from BP* at Drowsy SIM by BettiPage Voyager - note that the "tears" come with the astonishingly cool antique frilly or antique summer dress at BP* - you'll have to look high in the rafters in the new store for these items. Hair at BP* is a total hit or miss in terms of sizing - but refreshing in terms of unkempt and uncommon styles.
Black pearl knotted strand at Twisted and Spoiled by Sampson Suntzu - we're all waiting for the next burst of genius...two years later....
Skin is from the Uma Light Freckles range by Heather Beebe at Rockberry Skins and Shapes (one of the best makers of skin in SL). Lucky chairs are at this store - the prizes are total s**t - but during the wait the conversation can be good - sometimes.
Square Glossy French Posing Nail by BlueStarRUI Villota at Love Soul. They say - like fashion "model" series - so I say, don't be put off by words, it's totally nothing working their menu. This is the best Prim nail store in SL that I have yet found - let me know if I am wrong - actually - keep it to yourself, and think about my feelings.
Earrings - well you can IM or e-mail me if you really want to know - they're too awesome to blogabout.

BP* Chignon hair and Tears

Knotted Pearl Stand

Love Soul Nails
Worked from the back too :-)



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