Oct 24, 2009

eiffel & VAIN INC Halloween Event

This year the event is going to be bigger and better than ever! The build site itself is a place that's a real treat and has lots of special little spots for pictures, or just to relax alone, or with someone special. The gift table is already filling up with the best treats, with more to come before the night of the event, if it were candy it would be the full size bars! In addition to those, I'll be giving away over 100,000 L worth of gifts for both men & women from top creators & designers such as, Hoorenbeek, Blacklace, Stiletto Moody, Muism, Nicky Ree, 12th House, Alienbear, Vanilla C, Boon, Aliunn, Apparence skins & shapes, Skidz, and more ! We will also have two of the best live performers in SL to kick us off, followed by two rockin DJ's to keep the party going. Excited Yet??? Read on to learn more...

DATE : Oct. 31st
TIME : 6pm to 10pm SLT (possibly longer)
PLACE : INSIDE the haunted house on eiffel

eiffel & VAIN INC Halloween event location

This event should fill up the sim, so please turn off all particles, radars, huggers, weapons, etc...do come in a great costume, but keep it simple to prevent additional lag.

Let's start with the landing point, if you haven't touched the eiffel subscribe-o-matic yet, or gotten an issue of the VAIN INC magazine, touch the vendors there to do so, there are also two freebies on the ground in front of them from 12th House Designs, one for us gorgeous girls, and one for you hottie guys. You can also find additional freebies in her store here on eiffel. Once you land take a few to rez up, I admit there is ALOT to see, then you have a choice of either going to your right, or left, either way will take you around the lake to view the sights of the build, and to the Haunted House.

I've dedicated a good portion of the Island to the Halloween site. The dance floor for the party is inside the Haunted House. There is another dance area under the lighted tent over the ocean, that is a permanent feature of the Island, as well as a dancing area in the Church garden, and in the club underground, the latter two are not set up to be a part of the event, right now there are only two lonely ghosts dancing out over the ocean, although you might find a live spirit or two there at any given time. You'll find a couples cuddle hammock tucked away by the lake, as well as a fun little log to pose on, but watch out for the whomping willow! Of course, what's a lake without canoe rides, and fishing? You can also take a canoe ride under the city through the canals. Climb down the street manhole to catch it. Just under the skull moon, you'll find the lovers graveyard, where you can sit and pose on some of the head stones. Closer to the Haunted House you will find a giant spider and his web for you and your friends to get caught in, along with horse drawn hearses and coffins to pose and cuddle in, be sure to find the headless horseman lurking in the woods as well.

Once you're inside the house careful of the bats, rats, cats, and other spooky surprises, the plant by the door will eat you and spit your bones out for more...wander out onto the balconies for the views, on one there is a telescope that you can camera into and see the planets.

Stop by the gift table for all your treats, then come down stairs, and join the party to hear the performers and win the prizes!


Anonymous said...

WOW. You've been busy! I'll try to get on soon so I can see the island - once I remember how everything works again : )

~Pryme Numbers

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