Oct 3, 2009

Glamour Expo


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Vanity Universe Press Release 02.10.2009 :

We are proud to present you the "Glamour Expo" 2009 at the Vanity Universe Sim.

The Expo will open on october 3 th , 2009 at 3 Am SLT.

Donations for the aid organization "Care" will be collected during this event.
"Care" is an international aid organization founded to relieve the distress and poverty worldwide,
regardless of any political tendencies, religion or ethnicity.

"Care" is currently seeking donations needed urgently in order to help those suffering
hunger in Africa, because their situation has worsened dramatically due to the current
worldwide economic crisis. It is my intention that the funds collected here will be
used primarily for children projects.


50 % of the rental revenues will be donated to Care,as well as the designer items sold via the " Care vendors " .Some designers specially -designed dresses for the fair which are only available here- In addition, we have also donation boxes for a care donation positioned.

More than 60 international designers will be represented.

At this Expo designers will be presenting their latest fashion and style
collections such as brand new designs for men and women party fashion
and formal wear.

Besides the 'big players' we managed to attract many smaller designers as well
as some promising newcomers which will definitely value a visit to the Expo.

Additionally many designers have been preparing nice goodies for the visitors.

We're looking forward to meeting you at Vanity Universe!

Vanity Universe
Nadja Baxter
Following are some important information:
Dates to know
3 th. October 3 Am SLT opening
16.october to 18 th. OCTOBER Glamour Expo Hunt
18 tth october Expo ends



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