Nov 5, 2009

Hard Edge

Structured shoulder's are sweeping the fashion closed. I for one am loving the trend and taking full advantage of its complete fabulousness (fabulousness is too a word!!),so today i bring you ( sounds trumpets) Aoharu's new rider jacket!! As soon as i saw this fantastic piece of work i knew i had to snatch one up and share it with vain inc blog readers!

This jacket is very powerful, and that certainly influenced my styling choices (red= bold, daring and sharp/black=mysterious, sexy and dangerous/white=pure, feminine and chic.)

I also must say, the sculpts on this jacket fit me very well and are perfectly textured, not a detail missed, from the beautiful architecture, I'm in love!


Skirt: Spandex Skirt Wasted Youth

Tank:[SC] Surf Couture - Driftwood Tank Top - White

Shoes:Maitreya Frenzy - Black

The flower is a piece from:PR!TTY : Runway Model Hair :Blonde:

Have a nice day/night/afternoon

Kendall Freenote


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