Nov 5, 2009

I'm such a F*%cking Lady

Why do I always seem to go back to black? I know..I know your tired of seeing me in blacks, and grays and charcoals, but what can I say I'm just not a "bright" kind of girl.

I'm not sure if many of you have seen Rihannas new video "The wait is over", but that is what inspired this look. In my opinion Rihannas edgy appeal is so distinctive, unique and of the moment. I pull a lot of inspiration from her recently in my real life as well as my second life.
*take notes*

I've been feeling rather dark and dramatic lately, so I decided to wear my new black fur coat (my new favorite piece) and pair it with shiny black leather tights and ankle length slouchy boots.

Coat: *DNR*- Avana fur coat jacket Black

Hair: MADesigns hair Seth in natural black

Tights: Wasted Youth Black leather tights

I hope you enjoy this look.

Kendall Freenote


Harlow Rae said...

"It's getting crowded over here...
But babe...the wait is ova!" lol

Kendall_freenote said...


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