Nov 30, 2009

Me Me Mimikri

Since the most recent spate of Linden Labs "maintenance..that will effect only a few residents" my "SL experience" has just been one wonderful spontaneous crash after the other, punctuated with delicious lag, and the like.

Yesterday was was no exception, but there was a reward for wading through the treacle of lag at the Mimikri host SIM - "Gigi" a scrumptious iridescent taffeta-esque mini dress by the immensely talented designer Mimikri Kit .

"Gigi" has adorable lace details below the decolette and through the petticoat. Its hem is festooned at the hem with ribboned corsage. "Gigi" is playful frou frou at its best :-)

Mimikri Kit is perhaps one of the best designers in SL for use of mutliple flexi skirts in a layered, meaningful way. "Gigi" is no exception in terms of drape from the bodice and a little pouf (puff) in the skirt silouette, followed through with flounce in its movement.

Below, I wear "Gigi in Nile Blue", but there are seven colors in total to choose from. In the lest few days I have been joyfully driving myself deeper into poverty at Mimikri, for which I am truely thankful :-)

...provocative tail flounce of the skirt

...front silouette

...back silouette

...a gym membership always pays..!

...ribbon corsage at hem

...bodice detail


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