Nov 16, 2009

OMG New Hair!

Hey everyone! Kylie here, and I recently got passed over some really neat exclusives from my great friend jeanie Valois, shes the owner of a very awesome, amazing store called Posh! I mean seriously I known jeanie for a while now, and im so impressed and shocked with what she has coming and what she just recently released! Her new Fall Hair Line, is dramatically beautiful!!! YES! BEAUTIFUL!!!! All the new hairs are long, wavy, curly, just gorgeous! so Deff! Check this store out, shes not only releasing these hairs though, but I got the inside scoop...Whispers: "more is on the way shortly!" .....shhh i didnt tell you :O!

Available @ the Main store



Anonymous said...

Didn't I see this hair released with better textures and cuter sculpties at Lamb?

Wow, the Posh chick does not learn. Particularly when her Flickr shows her wearing a Lamb demo hair in the same style she clearly copied...

... Idiot.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha, how very funny of you to bring up Lamb.

It's so hilarious how you lurk her flickr of her posting a picture of her wearing a Lamb demo. What does that have to do with her creations when clearly demos are no mod dumbass?

What is there to learn? Everyone has their own opinions, wait scratch that, ASSUMPTIONS about her damn hair. Why don't you guys go to hell and back off? How can you make accusations/judgements of two hairs without trying them on? I find all of this so funny how everytime Posh has a release, there's always a couple of people who have something negative to say.

I don't understand why people lower their standards so low that they have to hate on virtual hair. If it's not drama about SL fashion, it's drama about a particular designer. Where the fuck is the peace?

I know Jeanie personally and she's a very kind-hearted person who would never intentionally copy anyone. FYI, MY opinion is, they look nothing like Lamb. I personally adore the new style of hairs as well as the textures that she has worked her ass off on.

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