Dec 3, 2009

The Princess and The Peacock

A wonderful collection of formal gowns at Sascha’s Designs was brought to my attention earlier this week, all fit for a princess. So, in a Princess Gaia thinking mode :-) I went for a (royal) purple gown, the SAS Deception Gown by Sascha Frangelli.

A perfect gown for attracting the eye of the Avs who frequent the ballrooms of SL and the envy of their dancing partner Avies. The gown reminded me of an old photograph of a model in a Dior gown that I keep in my Inventory, particuarly the aptly named "Big Sucker" skirt option. Aptly named, as it does draw them in, as said :-)

What was even better, is that the SAS Deception Gown represented value for money at L$400 with its four skirt options. So there I was standing in an old staple, my Alice Lavendar Lace set from camilla Yosuke at INSOLENCE, when my date for the evening TPd himself in early and unexpected.

Surprised amusement was my first reaction - don't some Avs take RP a little too far in SL on occasion? and YEW was my second reaction - plenty of pole dancing clubs if watching Avies (un)dress does it for you. But I guess with a Av named Duh Peacock - I should have figured!

Now, don't get me wrong. I not against winged, bipedal, warm-blooded, vertebrate animals that lay eggs, where the male flares out their iridescent blue-green tail feathers to get the attention of the female. So I'm not Avist. But when I'm supposed to the belle of the ball, its a little insensitive to turn up as a peacock.

Being a polite but practical Princess I made my point, the only way I thought I could. Perhaps Duh Peacock thought I was trying to skirt round the point, because he just stood there like a dumb animal saying nothing. I was lucky the SAS Deception Gown Big Sucker skirt had mod options, as I tried a new approach to getting my point across.

This was turning into a sorry tale. I'm yet to meet an AV in SL who has any talent for the art of conversation with any Avie - but Duh Peacock was making no attempt to fail miserably at being interesting or funny for my feigned amusement. He just stood there, silent. I figured he must be Away.

So I decided to try the other options of the SAS Deception Gown.

I got a wonderful dropped waist effect with the Battleship Skirt. Being 5.4 in SL (without shoes :-) anything that adds to the visual impression of taller is always more than welcome!...

...and I think it really worked the trick...

...the velvet collar option really balanced the silouette, added to the sense of winter glamour, emphasised my neck, and drew a line of attention about the decolette.

But I think the cathederal train of meters and meters of embellished tulle fabric effect on the Big Sucker skirt really made me fall in love with this gown :-) I hovered in the air admiring myself from every angle possible (we do call this blog Vain Inc for a very good reason :-)  ...and as for Duh Peacock? Well, it's hard to say that he lived happily ever after...but this is certainly not a fairytale :-) and that's another story...


Sascha Frangilli said...

Your pictures even made me drool over my own gown, hahaha!

Lovely story and well done!


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