Dec 23, 2008

VRCA 2008 Nominees List

So you want to know if you were voted for? Here you go List of Nominees for Vain Readers' Choice Award 2008.
It's still in works as it took us forever to count and make list! (still fixing a lot) But we did it and we couldn't wait to share this list with you! We now know THE WINNERS!!! But you will have to wait for our January Issue to come out to see who won.
VRCA is here to give recognition! There will be no Award Ceremony hehehe It's little simple thing where our readers voted just cause they love you! and it's fun!
It was wonderful to see how many people voted and how many people agreed on the same! We also discovery lots of new fun stores/sims/builders/furniture designers!
Main List will soon be updated with SLURs and URLs to make it our Vain "yellow book"
BIG BIG Thank you to Vainers who voted!


Vain Inc. xoxo



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