Jan 7, 2010

And the Nominees are....

Its that time of year again... Here are the top 3 nominees in all categories for the VRC awards!!

Best Male Skin: The Abyss, Belleza, and Damiani
Best Female Skin: Laqroki, Curio and Belleza

Best Male Hair: Mad Hair, Uncleweb, and Exile
Best Female Hair: Truth, Amacci, and Maitreya

Best Neko Wear: Gothic Catz, Sn@tch, Twisted and Spoiled

Best Casual Wear: Coco, Aoharu, Fri.day

Best BDSM Wear: Latex Station, Dark Eden, Hugo Designs

Best Couture: Paper Couture, LeeZu, Baiastice

Best Fantasy Wear: Barerose, Evie's Closet, Firefall

Best Formal Wear:
Male - Alpha Male, Rebel Hope, Styles of Edo
Female- Nicky Ree, Azul, Bliss Couture,

Best Kawaii Wear: Katat0nik, BareRose, Momo

Best Goth/Alt Wear: RFyre, Bare Rose, AVid

SLebratie of 2009:
Male- Boe Cortes, Mikey Batriani, Frolic Mills
Female- Ryker Beck, Callie Cline, Angie Mornington

Social Butterfly of 2009:
Male- Winter Jefferson, Frolic Mills, Trace Osteram
Female- Callie Cline, Mimmi Boa, Tenshi Vielle

Best Blog: Dango Jewells http://unsecond.com/dango/, http://www.achariya.net, Chic at Phil's Place*Chic at Phil's Place

Best Tattoo Maker: Garden of Ku, Aitui, addiXion

Best Shoes:
Male- Redgrave. Lazy Places, Kalnin
Female- Stilleto Moody, Maitreya, Bax Coen

Best Shopping Center/Mall: Cupcake Sim, Starlust, LeLook

Best Boutique: Mimikri, Milk Motion, Reek

Best Furniture Design: The Loft, Abiss, Mudhoney

Most Inovative Sim: Am Radio, Starlust, HarajukuBox

Best RP (Role Play) Sim: Kingdom of Sands, Crack Den, Median City

Best Builder: Cory Edo, Omaire Abattoir, Rawley Rousselot

Best Jewlery: EarthStones, Alienbear, Paper Couture

Best Club: ScoutLounge, Elements - GOL, Club Eco

Best DJ: Kromus Korobase, Azufr3 Catteneo, Miles Eleventhauer The 'Jazzologist'

Best Live Musician: Dale Katscher, Dexter Ihnen, Mankind Tracer

Best PreFabs: Pre Fabulous, barnesworth anubis, mudshake

Best SL™ Artist: Four Yip, Mcooter Graves, Ahmad Hosho

Best SL™ Photographer: cherrie Parker, Tara Voskhod, Lulu Jameson

Best Model :
Male- Boot Janus, Clyde Saunders, Donald Feld
Female- Aliyeh Yifu, Anessa Stine, Sabine Blackburn

Best Pose Maker:
Static Poses- Glitterati, DeePoses, LAP
AO Poses- Akeyo, ANA-Mations(Surrealia Anatine), VISTA
Couples Poses- Glitterati, MEYA, Diesel Works

Best -New- Designer of 2009: Luck Inc., miel, This is a Fawn

Best Freebie/Discount Maker: Runo Runo, Jordan Giant - norðari, OMGWTF Barbecue of 50L Fridays

Best Lingerie: Zaara, Insolence, Blacklace

Best Pets: A.I.F. Pets, Zooby's, XD Fusion

Best Eyes: Glanz, MADesgins, Poetic Designs

Best Bridal: Azul, Bliss Couture, Rebel Hope

Best Botanical/Garden Items: New Trails, Botanical Gardens (Straylight), Lillith Heart

Best Scripter: Winter Seale, Dackedidi Miles, Radio Signals

Thanks to everyone that voted!! We received so many ballots it was nearly overwhelming! Everyone nominated are all winners in our book! Good luck, and stay tuned to see the winners in our January issue... to be released very soon! Darn the holidays!


Twist Vendetta said...

Is this the best of list for 2008 still?

Anonymous said...

FYI - Miel is spelled Miel not Meil (you dont have to post this)

Nadja Baxter said...

thank you lizzie .. :) changed

Radio Signals said...

Hi! As much as I want to take the credit and win stuff, I think the scripter you want for scribble is Stoic Ixchel!!!!! He's amazing!

Shiryu Musashi said...

@Twist: Some of the names (expecially in one category) definitely looks very 2008... Oh well...

Anonymous said...

it gets tiring to always see the same people, some fresh wind would really do you people good *sighs*

Anonymous said...

Whoever picks these needs to get out more. There are brands on the grid way more suitable for some of these categories.

Frolic Mills as social butterfly of 2009? This is obviously all about ass kissing and selecting only friends, because there is nothing social about that egotistical dictator asshole who does nothing but treat people like his own personal slaves.

Tenshi said...

Aw... SCD hit 1mil hits and isn't on the best blog list this year. :( Oh well. Social Butterfly I am!

Anonymous said...

SCD won last year best blog. It's about quality not quantity :-P

Anonymous said...

You're Welcome Nadja! I didn't want to come across as bitchy and didn't know who to email so that's why I said you don't have to post my comment. Hugs!

Kendra Coakes said...


Anonymous said...

ever hear of a tiny store called lelutka? or maybe emery or ordinary or u.b.u? how about fri.day hair? is insilico part of sl?

Winter Seale said...

Wow, last January and I never even knew about it... =D

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