Jan 17, 2008

New at Vain Inc. Boutique..

I Finally got Boon and his amazing hair flowers to Vain Inc. Boutique!!

They were made for traditional Japanese hair but I've been wearing them for a year now with any hair style and they work great. Very detailed it's no wonder it takes him time to release new.

Hair is made for each month of the year! This are little teaser pictures for you hahhaha The rest you will have to come and see Trust me it's worth it. At L$120 you have to get all 12 that's is when they all be released...5 months are still in works and I sure hope March will be out soon. ME WANT MORE!!

Perfect splash of color and them being transfer makes
it a perfect gift...

I give them my 5 ♥♥♥♥♥


Nadja Baxter said...

wow... very nice! looks very stylish:)

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