Jan 29, 2008

SOREAL=something 2 be Excited about!

SOREAL pop on to my radar couple weeks ago... Right away I was much impressed not only by products they had to offer, but the team they had. Kwamey Pinion owner and creator and on a board with him he has two directors: Mlita Pennell, Solange Daviau. I think is a great way to start! He can keep all the concentration on what he does best, while others can handle all the press, customers, locations and vendors.

I've been keeping in touch with Mlita and when I met Kwamey he didn't respond to our presence for about 5 min... Not because he was ignoring us but cause he was soo in to his work hahaha. He gave me a preview of sneakers he was working on which I thought were very nice!! (SecondStyleMen did a wonderful review on this).

I do not think these guys were ready for SLs BIG welcome, they got bombarded - a good sign if you are GOOD! They still at "Pre-Opening" stage... If this is "Pre-Opening" It will be interesting to see "The Opening"

Among some things they have to offer Shoes, Glasses, Jackets and soon to be released Skins and even Hair.

I admit I'm not a big fan on flats, sneakers including (heels 24/7) BUT!!! big BUT!!! this might be the only pair that I absolutely adore!!! They look good enough to eat!

And vintage style Jacket!! Which you have to play with when you buy it... You get this HUD that let's you chose colors of sleeves collar even zipper and whether or not you want logo! To adjust sizes of collar and sleeves you simply click and menu pops up for you to make it bigger or smaller. With all the choices you can you play with it's like you get 10 jackets in one!
Don't know why I went with pink hahahha not my first choice usually... But Jackets available in numerous colors you just have to flip and flip through vendor. I'm sure there will be one worth your attention!! But one thing is clear you have to check them out!

You can dress your man and yourself in one stop. Glasses, Jackets and Shoes are unisex!!!
Aww and yes you can buy matching outfits hahhahaha

I simply can't wait what this guys will come up with next as soo far I like it ALL!!!

Solange & Kwamey

*Available also in Vain Men.


michael said...

WOW sneakers !
you know i love them .. ill be by to pick up a pair or two for sure !

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