Feb 28, 2008


From Saturday takes place on Sim "Vanity Universe" a Skin Fair with 68 international exhibitors. The range of the shown Skin is gigantic. I think it something is present for everybody. Even for a few surprises is provided. A few designers present her new Skins for the start .

Still a personal remark of me:

Two persons have decisively contributed to it this has come.
Anyusha Lilienthal has built the wonderfully elegant measuring area and therefore has laid the store for this fair. You are wonderfully Any!!

And then there is still Carl Crabe. Without Carl there would not be this fair. He has attached untiringly contacts with designer and to get interesting Skin's on this fair. He has managed this perfectly!
In addition, he has done many other things and this with love to the detail I have always admired to Carl. Carl has this fair with his creativity to done what she is now. And she is simply miraculous! You are splendidly Carl!!

Skin Fair 2008 Vanity Universe


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