Feb 27, 2008

Go bold but keep it simple

As I’m daydreaming for Spring/Summer to come today I decided that it was going to be summer in my SL world! I’m tired of fall and winter’s moody, cloudy shades of black and grays. With the pile of fashion magazines lying around, I’m flipping through the pages noticing the trends for Spring/Summer 2008 and to be honest these trends can hardly be called “new”. The most prevalent looks so far are downright cliché. Bright colors are listed as a “trend” every spring. The upside of these trends is they are being worn a little differently. After all they aren’t last year’s brights ... or floral patterns...or neutral shades...

As the runways try to prove this is a whole new season of style we haven’t seen, they are teaming the new “blurred” flower patterns, or neutrals with a vivid color article. My thought is to ease into the color trend by wearing one bright piece as an accent feature.
Keep in mind that certain bright colors look better on some skin tones then others, so be sure to spend time in front of the mirror and in different types of light! Remember that bright colors call attention, and sometimes a bright accessory such as a clutch purse, bracelets, or necklace can achieve the look. Have fun brightening up your look with the “new” eye-popping colors!


*Nylon Outfitters* Banana Jacket
*Domoco* Gloves Full Finger- Black
*Nylon Outfitters* (Yummy) Gypsy Hoops
*Intimizzio* (Armidi) Chiara di Luna-White
*Armidi* Dalia Pumps- Yellow
*Emery* High waisted shorts (from Umma Outfit)
*ETD* Hair Aveda, Med wavy-Cinder


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