Feb 12, 2008

I made My Tatas smaller...

Yep just for the jacket :) had to make them smaller but it was soooo worth it!!

So I Finally made it to Ce Cubic effect, I know I'm slower then most fashinistas. As they say better later then Never...
The jacket was my ''Love at First sight"! Then I couldn't pass up on the Cap!!! Took some adjustments but it's just wonderful on!! Oh darn and you should see the BF shirt!!! AHHHH
I say all you need 4 Valentines shirt paired with some skyhigh stilettos...
Anyways not about that about my new "Model" shape and the Jacket that was worth doing it for!!! *Applauds to mirai Jun
Cap-Ce Cubic effect
Jacket-Ce Cubic effect
Skirt-Elephat Outfitter
DogTags -4Vain from Liderc availeble Female and Male
Skin-GG Couture


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