Feb 12, 2008


VAIN INC and the VAIN BOOTH PHOTO STUDIO is giving 12 group members the opportunity to appear in a special editorial feature in the April Issue of VAIN INC Magazine, as well as form part of the new widescreen display for the VAIN BOOTH PHOTO STUDIO (and yes male group members we want you too!!).

Nice and easy to enter, as no prior sl modelling experience needed as we have tried to make this as open as possible for all members. The 2 avatar shots required can be either simple snapshots of fully photshopped works of art.

The hardest thing will be deciding which word suits your avie, (I know this already, as Toko and I have tried and up until now we still have no idea which we would choose *is still thinking*)

All winners will be annouced on the blog and via the group notices.

Click the picture above for full details on how to enter and if you have any questions please feel free to post them on the blog...and ooh last thing good luck....xxx

*Nyla Rossini*


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