Mar 20, 2008

Dear Inventory

AAAHHHH...don’t you just love the feeling you get after spending an afternoon, day, week, weekend, or month cleaning out the clutter from your inventory? Well I am not experiencing whatever that feeling is suppose to be since I never cleaned my inventory once. For the past few days I have been really wanting to feel that “yay my inventory is organised” feeling.So what’s the scoop on keeping it sparkling and “fix it” free? I realized yesterday after deleting 600 items that it is a very personal experience! And while I am not sure that there are any right ways to organize, I know there are many wrong ways. I’ll spare you the details.
I was told that the number one biggest mistake people make is to try and do it all at once. Well that is the only way I want to do it because if I leave it, I will never go back to it. Why don’t they create some kind of system where it’s all organized, ALL THE TIME, no matter how much you buy? Oh dear, I’m discouraged!On my attempt to my cleaning/organizing binge yesterday, I realized there are a lot of questions I don’t have answers for, like why do I own the same dresses in 6 diff colors, or what was I thinking when I bought these outfits, or better yet, why do I get boxes of freebies when I never take the time to open and look at them?We inventory CEO’s usually start itching to get rid of the seasonal clutter right about now because it’s early spring. The holidays are gone, flowers are about to come out, and it’s time to think about the things that need seasonal cleaning. I’m going to keep procrastinating about it for a while, but I will (hopefully soon) get my pink rubber gloves on, focus, and get down and dirty with Mr.!!!

Q. xo

Skin: Vogue Winter 2 in bronzed
Hair: *Kin* Apostate in Pink/White
Tattoo: *Aitui* Sing my little bird
Vest:*Armidi* Itimo Leather vest in white
Elephant outfitters Leila Bermuda Shorts in Gray
Shoes: *UBU* Pornstar XHigh-Tops Multicolor
Gloves: *Colt Designs* leather fingerless gloves in black

Armband:*Magika* Leather Arm Bow


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