Mar 17, 2008

Model Search Winners List

Oh wow this was Hard!!!
But here it is... and Yes more then just 12 you all were Yummy it was too hard and after hours of decision making here are the winners...

The last name is the Name of photogropher you will have to IM to set up shoot...

*Urban*- Reeta Rives/riverphoenix masala/Nux Rau - Nykki Heartsdale
*Haute Couture* -Beatrix Hienrichs/seeriena geiger - Toko Voom
*Edgy* - Brutus Martinek /Faadal Mokeev - Toko Voom
*Sensual *-Trixibelle Dufaux/Melanie Jaehun - Nylla Rossini
*Fantasy*- Helianthus mesmer/Bing- Toko Voom
*Fly*- Dolly Gwynneville/Ella Gallindo - Nykki Heartsdale
*Classic* -KYNNE LLEWELLYN/Azu - Nyla Rossini
*Glamour*- Kimberly Mirabeau/Dancien Graves - Nyla Rossini
*Funky* - ellieshea/Shalise Ezvalt - Nyla Rossini
*Beauty* - Alysha Rennahan/Haruka Kish/Aleida Rhode/Jackie Rennahan - Toko Voom
*Unique* - Craneo Destiny/Vivien Lalita - Toko Voom
*Fierce* -Boen/Hio - Nyla Rossini

Congrats to all !! and Big kisses

Shangreloo Kuhn and Sifu Barbosa IM for shoot - Toko Voom


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