Apr 5, 2008

BiancaF’s NEW SKINS!

It was with great pleasure when I was asked by the talented BiancaF to blog about her new series of wonderful skins that are coming out next weekend. That’s right ladies you have one week to save all your money and then go broke the minute you try them on! I just can’t get enough.
(Here are the names from left to right, LONDON2, BLOOM, DISCO, PARTICELLE, and ORO all in Bronze)
I am a HUGE fan of her fashion forward creations but when she talked to me about skins I was a little worried. Not doubting her work but the truth is not many skins seem to suit me well. There is always something looking wrong with my avatar as soon as I demo them. When she gave me her new skin series, I put on the first one and I was in AWW, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

Bianca’s new skins series is named “Fata” and it comes in four different skin tones (Sahara,Moka,Bronze, and Ivory) She has seriously perfected these skins from head to toe. They have such an urban edge yet so delicate. They simply are very realistic but most of all feminine.

These skins are MUST HAVE in any girl’s inventory, so look out for the release but most of all enjoy once you have it!

Q. xo

*You will be able to find these new series at her main store:
Bianca F, Addictive (164, 156, 22)

Worn:Hair:[Aden]Annyka in black, Ring: *BiancaF* Anello, Bra&Undies:[Intimizzio] at Armidi - Mae Eggshell, Shoes:Armidi- Dalia pumps in white


Nadja Baxter said...

it is true ... the skin looks great ... i wear her groupgift.. :)) can´t wait to see the skins in the store !

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