Apr 6, 2008

My look of the day!

It's official, I'm obsessed with the magnificient BiancaF! She came out with new realeases today, ladies and it's worth a trip to her store in Addictive (164, 156, 22) to have a look.

She came out with this Crochet Dress which comes in differents colors. Some of the dresses include her new Twiggy earrings and others include gloves and a bow clutch bag! Keep in mind these accessories are sold seperatly also. OH, and the gloves, as many of you know, I'm a glove fanatic, and the great thing about these are not only the texture but they are tintable!

Hope you enjoy as much as me...until next time!
*Big thank you to Lorenz Breguet for the pics

Skin: BiancaF Fata London2 in bronze (coming out next weekend!), Hair:Digit Darkes - Naturale Defiance Straight in Sasy's Black, Dress: BiancaF Crochet Dress in black, Earrings:BiancaF Twiggy earrings, Ring: BiancaF Anello, Shoes: BiancaF Margarita Black&Gold, Gloves: BiancaF lace gloves.


Queenie Ella said...

Sorry everyone but there is something wrong and I can't leave what I'm wearing! It's all from BiancaF except the hair which is from Digit Darkes. If you have any questions pls contact me. Qxo

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