Jul 18, 2008

Last Call for Your Style!

***Reader STYLE!!****

So here is your chance to be in the magazine!!!** our way of thanking you !!!**
The Rules are simple! We want to see our readers personal style , anything you got URBAN, CLASSY, DIRTY lol!!

1.Snap a picture of yourself in your fav outfit .
2. List everything you got on.
3. Put your full Name
4. Make a note card, name it Vain Style - Your Name (make sure to name it that, so it's easy for me to find)
***Note Card should have picture/list of everything you are wearing / your name!!!!
5. Send your note card to Toko Voom
6. Wait for issue 12th to see if your style made it in !!!

Due Date 20th!!! I will not take any note cards after.

Edited pictures are ok... size don't matter ... the higher quality the better


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