Jul 18, 2008

Monta Pt. 15

By Monta Horan

Skin: Naughty - Dante - Ebony - Facial Hair 1
Hat and Hair: MiraiStyle - .+*Pikn*+.Brown
Sunglasses: ETD - Chic Aviators (Black Frames)
Scarf: AOHARU - ChiffonWideScarf_Brown
Braclet: Valiant - Copper Pipe Braclet
T-shirt: Decollage - Bonjour T-shirtj
Jeans: Armidi Limited - (Male/Skinny) A001 Jeans [Light Classic]
Shoes: SOREAL - City Steps Sneakers Extended (SSN010)
Cigarette: FNKY! - Cigarette II

I bought a new scarf of AOHARU with my dear friend Haurka Kish. It is a very smooth scarf. Beautiful beautiful figure ;) We use this scarf and it competes ..how it is coordinate... :D And, I am very impressed by the coordination that she proposed. What do you think for my coordination? :))


The Truth said...

Those Aviator Sunglasses and his style is so cool !

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