Feb 8, 2009

Ketsu has a Vintage Love Affair in this Vain Inc. Issue, Look Of The Month .
I my self Love Vintage and Artilleri is the store I always come back to.
The dress I'm wearing is I believe discontinued:( , ha! vintage literally in SL but I still love it very much!
Tesla does some amazing vintage designs shoes and this were free. I painted bow red on this ::69:: hair. And added very dainty and cute necklaces by
To Read more about our Look of the Month --> Issue 18

Skin: -MiA- Pale Skin- Bombshell
Shoes: -TESLA- Shiny Felicity Heels
Tattoo: Artilleri
Necklace: Bonita - Colors ~ Flower Necklace
SuitCases: SZABO - Vintage Travel Box

P.S. Whats wrong with blogger and bad quality images after they uploaded??? arrrr i'll be figuring out this.


Anonymous said...

It's not a bad quality image, it's that: Blogger is resizing the image via the image width and height in the img html ("width: 261px; height: 490px;") to smaller than the original image size. This on-the-fly visible size compression makes it so that the image falls within your blog's layout, but it's also a poor way of compressing images and tends to make them look pixelated and low quality.

The two ways to fix this:

Post an image small enough that blogger won't try to resize it, either by uploading a smaller image or by using a hosting service (like Flickr) which which allows you to grab the image at different sizes uses a pre-rendered resize which is a very high quality.


Prevent Blogger from resizing your images via their height and width. There's some info on this here: http://cranked.me/2008/06/how-to-post-image-in-its-original-size.html

Meanwhile, the image shows in full size, unpixelated, on RSS feeds and also looks fine if you click through to view its full size.

Toko Voom said...

Oh Ty soo much!!! they have resize option but when you make it bigger yes quality just eww.

Toko Voom said...

Juushika!! TY TY can't thank you enough it worked!!! *grabs your hands and jumps up and down with you!!*
Thank you soooooooo much!!

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