Jun 7, 2009

My Admiral Jacket!

OK, So i officially believe in love at first sight! this jacket from (Milk Motion) is amazing
I love the detailing of it and it doesn't have a zillion pieces either which makes it simple to wear.
I just cant stop wearing it, if you see me in grid i will most likely be in this, the Tee is a freebie i got forever ago(sorry not sure where from) and the skirt is the bottom to a gisaci dress.

Hair:Vintage wear(VW Pushed and Shoved)

Glasses:(VW urban shades-metal-gold top)

Jacket:(Milk Motion) *my admiral jacket*

Shoes:Armidi Gisaci oxford leather ankle boots

Skirt:Bottom to the (Gisaci bunni 45 mini dress Gold)

Peace \/

Kendall Freenote


Anonymous said...

OMG i like totally luv your stuff your adding new exciting stuff to the blog and your so versatile when they start putting people of status on the cover you should be on there hehe

Kendall_freenote said...

Wow, thank you so much ^^ hehe

w.w. said...

A-a-awesome look!

Kendall_freenote said...

T-t-thanks W.W hehe

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