Jun 7, 2009

Three Ways to Rock Your Leather Jacket <3

OK, So I recently got this amazing Leather jacket from grasp, it is so well made and fits my body better then a lot of other jackets in SL. In this Post i really wanted to do three ways to wear a Leather jacket.There are ways to wear your grasp jacket but these are just a few of my favorites!

First look:I paired the jacket with this really cute green dress. I love mixing something really flowy with something more structured, it creates a really cool look i think! this is more of a party look.

Second look:For this look i wanted to look glamorous but still have that rocker edge so i wore the jacket with a fitted white dress which is from armidi. This look can be worn when you want to go to a more fancy event but still have your cool points hehe.

Third look: Lastly, i paired the jacket with a simple white tank and some high waisted shorts for a more casual look,this is probably my favorite, i like to look sporty and comfortable!

As you can see there are a lot of ways to rock your Leather Jackets So just be creative and Have fun styling!

Peace. \/

Kendall freenote


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