Feb 24, 2008

Introducing The Best Urban Accessories EVER - Grim Bros.

I know blogs are supposed to be short and to the point, but I have quite a bit of material to fit into this one, so bare with me. If you ever have the opportunity to meet with Miss Cutea Benelli and see her store, then you will completely understand what I mean.

I had the chance to meet with Cutea, owner and creator of Grim Bros. - whose fitting slogan is "Nifty Things For Daily Combat." Before I even get into the pics and details of the goods, let me just say that she is one of the most fantastic people I have ever come across in Second Life. Not only does she make THE BEST urban accessories I have ever seen, but the stories behind them and her overall personality are superb. That's an often overlooked postive in designers these days.

Cutea pulled a few select items for me to show you guys. There were goggles called "nifty goggles" which have glowing lights, Time Traveler Boots complete with travel rust and broken clocks, a nomad backpack with kidnapped teddy bear and a lower end bar, and a lovely medical bag for the Wastelands (which Cutea says you can put dinosaur bandaids into). But my favorite item was the limited edition heart pump for broken hearts, which she so graciously gave to me for keeps. Yay!
If you're as excited over these as I am, you can click the slURL and go visit Cutea at Grim Bros. They also have wonderful clothing and some skins to check out. Make sure to take lots of lindens; you'll need them!


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